For those new to flying, or who would like to experience the sensation of Soaring for the first time - should contact the the Boerne Stage Airport front desk at 830-981-2345 to schedule your flight.  These "Discovery Flights" are open on almost any day the weather will permit. Soaring is a quiet, very gentle, and peaceful way to fly - with no worries of noise, headsets, fuel worries, or engine problems!

The club offers different Discovery Flights to various altitudes, and flown to different styles (slow, easy, & gentle - or petal-to-the-floor, here I come!).  We even offer a full-blown, acrobatic flight opportunity performing loops, barrel-rolls - as much acrobatics as your stomach will permit!  And with most Discovery Flights, you're invited to fly the glider as much as you would like, under the supervision of a experienced pilot or instructor.

Adults and children who weight more than 120 pounds have the option of flying up front, or in the rear seat - as they feel comfortable.  Smaller children, under 120 pounds, have to ride in the back seat - to meet the glider's balance requirement.