During this past weekend's winch-launch, we had another SASSi record set.  JJ Romano in his PW5 glider flew a winch-launch and disconnected at 3,150 feet MSL!  That's a incredible 1,770 feet above the ground - in just 45 seconds!

And in case you didn't know - JJ set the last record (and still holds the record for a two-person glider).  Two months ago, RR rode the winch-launch to 3,000 feet MSL - for 1,620 feet AGL!  I think he cheated a bit, as he rode it alone - just one light-weight person in a glider built for two of our big members.  But he does hold both records now.

So - anyone want to challenge JJ's records?  I know that Randy Loveless achieved 2,900 feet last weekend with Dave in back, and I was able to reach 2,950 also with Dave keeping a close eye on me.  But no one has broken JJ's records.  Yet....