SASSi Discovery Flights


If you are a adventure loving person, and would like to try a glider flight for yourself - this is the place for you!  San Antonio Soaring provides hundreds of introductory "Discovery Flights" each year.  Eager passengers range from children just five years old to folks in their eights or ninties, who want to experience the excitement of flight without a engine.

SASSi's Discovery Flights can last anywhere from 5 minutes to almost a hour - depending on your desires and comfort level. Starting flights only climb to about 1,000 feet above ground level (the airport traffic pattern level), and will last five to ten minutes - depending on the amount of rising air (lift).  Longer and more involved flights can include aerobatics like loops, hammer-heads, and barrel-rolls - again, depending on your comfort level.  Or if you wish to begin flight instruction in a glider, our club's excellent Certified Flight Instructors will be glad to start you on an exciting path in flying.  Of course, the duration of all flights will depend on the amount of rising air that day and time.

Prices are appropriate to the length of the flight, the altitude the tow-plane takes us to, and the pilot needed for your flight.  Our club's costs are designed to cover our costs with just a bit left over to grow our non-profit association.

Here is a list of the Discovery Flights offered (which are also available as Gift Certificates):

Extended Pattern Flight $39 for youth
$59 for adults
 The glider is towed to the traffic pattern altitude (1000’ above ground level)
 and after one or two circles lands after the tow-plane. The next passenger is
 loaded and the process repeated. Typically 5-6 pattern flights can be made
 per hour. Ideal for small groups looking for a unique group experience.

Discovery Flight

$109 for youth

$149 for adults

 The glider is aerotowed to 3,000 feet above the ground.  An introduction to

 soaring is presented, along with a tour of the local area and attractions.  The

 flight usually lasts 20-30 minutes in length, although it could be longer if

 the schedule permits, and the thermals are rising!

 Hill Country  Excursion Flight 
  (most popular flight offered!)
 $179.00   Includes an introduction to the aircraft, aerotow to 3500' above ground level,
 with about 25-40 minutes of sightseeing and an introduction to soaring.
 Adventurer Flight

 An acrobatic flight.  The glider is towed to 3,500 feet above the ground to

 perform aerobatic maneuvers as desired.  Wing-overs, aileron rols, barrel

 rolls, loops, split-S, and Immelmanns are all possible if requested.  Parachutes

 are required wear during aerobatics.

 Instructional Package  $219.00  3 tows (2 pattern and one 3000' tow).  Flight & ground  instruction, your
 own logbook signed by your flight instructor,  hand-on-flying, and can be
 used as the first step in becoming a licensed glider pilot.
 Winch-launch flight   $39.00  Similar to the Extended Pattern Ride, except the glider is winch
 launched (only available during winch operations days).
 All rides includes one day's Visiting Member's dues.
application must be completed by all passengers.

So, how can you purchase a Gift Certificate, a Discovery Flight, and schedule the flight?  Very easy!

The San Antonio Soaring Society is based at Boerne Stage Airport, on the N.W. side of San Antonio (just past Fiesta Texas).  A simple phone call to the airport at 830-981-2345 can purchase a Gift Certificate or Discovery Flight with a credit card, or payment can be made at the time of the flight.  And phoning the airport front desk is also the way to schedule a date/time for your flight - putting your flight on the schedule and committing that time to your enjoyment.  Walk-ins are possible - if a glider, a glider-pilot, and a tow-pilot are available at that time.  So its best to schedule beforehand.

Traveling to Boerne Stage Airport is simple with this Google Map - only about 5 miles north of Hwy1604 along I-10, off of Boerne Stage Road (near Dos Cerros Dr).

Good luck with your first experience soaring like the birds!  We're certain you'll enjoy the experience!