The San Antonio Soaring Society has partnered with a local Civil Air Patrol Squadron, and now has members who are also CAP members.  This was done so we could use  club assets (glider and tow-plane) to provide CAP Cadet Orientation Flights to the Cadets - introducing these young people to gliders and soaring.  This page provides information to the Cadet Squadron's leadership on procedures to get their Cadets flown in the glider.


The only prerequisites for the Cadets are 1) Safety Current, and 2) have their CAP ID card.  That's it, but they're not debatable.  Like all CAP flights, we use their on-line sortie tracking system - WMIRS.  And we can't release the sorties in WMIRS without those prerequisites met.  Luckily, either can be met sitting down at a computer for just 15-20 minutes.  We also recommend the Cadets go on-line and do the CAP/SSA "Wing-Runner" course found here:  But that's not a requirement - just a recommendation.


Cadets need to be at Boerne Stage Airport (5C1) by 8:30 in the morning (unless we change the time due to forecasted bad weather).  Cadets can wear any uniform they like, but they're also authorized to wear PT type clothing.  That's because its hot in the glider once the canopy is closed.  The only restriction we'll put on clothing is NO boots!  They can jamb the rudder pedals up front - making it impossible for the pilot to land safely.  Recommendation - wear PT clothing.  Any CAP related shirt and either pants or shorts.


One requirement for your Squadron/unit - we need at least one Senior Member to attend along with the Cadets.  There are many reasons for this - but mostly because the Cadets are accountable to your Senior Members, not us.  And we need assistance with crowd control on the ground, while we are busy installing Cadets into the glider and flying with them.  Family members are welcome to come along - all who want to come.  Which is another reason we need help controlling Cadets and guests on the ground.


A couple of recommendations:
-We recommend the Cadets bring a small camera with them, so they can take pictures both to remember the event and show other Cadets. 
-Cadets should bring some water or something to drink.  Its been very hot & humid at Boerne Stage and they'll need the hydration.
-Wear a cap for protection from the sun.  Preferably a larger floppy-brimmed hat.  Especially useful when in the glider with the hot sun shinning through that big canopy.


Our Glider Pilots will will usually attempt to shoot photographs on the ground, and sometimes even video of the Glider Flight.  But that's not guaranteed - as they stay pretty busy with fitting Cadets to the glider, getting flights launched, flying, and monitoring the safety of Cadets and visitors.  But if they can get pictures or video - we are glad to provide copies to the Squadron and Cadet.  The easiest way to provide these copies is to upload the photos to a server and video to YouTube - but only AFTER obtaining permission from the Cadet's parents.


And one last thing to mention.  We frequently have family members (parents or siblings), or CAP Senior Members who express an interest in experiencing a glider fight themselves.  Our CAP members are very happy to accomodate these requests - if there is sufficient time.  I mention time, because we've been delayed a number of days by low clouds and have not have time to honor these additional requests.  Of course - CAP won't pay for family or friends to take a flight, that would be the individual's responsibility.  And when we can accommodate those requests - our members are glad to give a ride at our Soaring Club Member rates, instead of the normal Commercial Flight costs.  All we ask for is reimbursement on those member rates that we have to pay.  Our costs for a pattern-level flight (5-15 minutes) is about $39.00 and a high-tow (25-30 minutes like the Cadets get) is $68.00.


If you have any questions about the CAP program with the San Antonio Soaring Society, the procedures, the schedule, or getting you Cadets flown - please contact Maj Chuck Tetlow 210-380-7604, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Maj Tetlow is currently handling most of the scheduling for Glider Orientation Flights, and can answer any questions.