SASSi's tow plane is a Cessna C150 Aerobat, refitted with a STC to mount a Lycoming 180hp engine and prop.  The plane is fitted with full four-point aerobatic harnesses for both seats, including two over-shoulder belts.  Unfortunately, there is no intercom - so just a single headset interface for the pilot.  This makes conversation difficult when flying with a second pilot (only done during tow-pilot training).

The two plane's STC upgraded the engine, but did not increase usable weight.  So with the extra weight of the larger engine, she only has 402 pounds usable weight (both fuel AND pilot/pilots).  This is critically important when training new tow-pilots.  Only 10 or so gallons of gas can be carried during multi-pilot tows (actual weight/balance must be carefully calculated before each flight of more than one pilot).

The plane is fitted with a Tost tow-hook, with a release lever on the lower right-side of the pilot's seat.  This newer tow-hook was installed in the tow-pane in 2010, and is rated at considerably more weight than any gliders in the club.

As you can see from the picture below - she's not the prettiest plane on the field.  But she is very strong and can tow even the heaviest glider at a strong 60-70 knots.  And when that glider gets off her butt - she'll rocket skyward!  You've GOT to keep the nose up enough to keep airspeed below 100MPH, until the flaps are safely up and that limitation avoided.



N6087J and Glider1

N6087J and Glider2