SASSi's primary glider is a Grob manufactured 103C TwinIII Acro glider. 

Straight from the POH ==> The Grob G 103 C "TWIN III ACRO" is a two-seat mid-wing glider with a damped T-type tail.  State-of-the-art technology is used to manufacture the glider in industrial FRP construction.  It is used for instruction, training, performance and aerobatic flights.  The 2-section wing is triple tapered with airbrakes (Type GROB) on the upper side.  The two seats are in tandem arrangement.  The two canopies are independent of each other and open to the right.  The main wheel is of the non-retractable tandem landing gear is equipped with a hydraulic disk brake.

Additional notes on our Grob:

The SASSi Grob N103GH has two tow attachment points - both an aerotow connection in the nose and a CG connection underneath for winch-launching.  Both cable releases are operated at the same time by either the front-seat or back-seat yellow release knobs.

Weight & Balance for the Grob 103 is critical, and the pilot must ensure there is at least 154 pounds in the front seat.  The Grob came with 25 pounds of weights, in two metal forms, that can be bolted to the front seat below the passenger's left leg.  This will suffice to bring a passenger who is below 154 pounds, but more than 121, into compliance with the glider's balance.  SASSi also keeps a number of lead-filled dental-office xray-protection vests, that can be used to insure the front-seat passenger's weight is well above the 154 pound limitation.  If used, the pilot should insure they are secured under the front-seat passenger, or under the belts - to avoid any movement during the flight. 

Weight & Balance worksheets can be found here in Word format, and here in PDF format.

The POH for the Grob 103C Twin III Acro can be downloaded HERE.