EFFECTIVE 1 Jan 2005

SASSi Pattern & Landing Procedures

-- When committed to landing, no one shall thermal in the pattern. --No exceptions!--

A) Pattern entry (IP) is West of the airfield runway 17 left, or runway 35 right depending on prevailing wind and flight operations.

B) While entering the pattern, PIC shall make a radio call to Boerne stage ground ops to announce his/her intentions: for example: "Boerne Stage traffic, this is glider 103 Golf Hotel, right downwind for runway 17 left, Boerne Stage"

C) If asphalt runway is busy with power traffic, use the grass strip. (make sure that you land on the "crown" -center- of the grass strip)

D) When on the ground, please taxi your glider to a safe area where security is not an issue, so that other gliders could land safely.

E) Parking gliders is done at the North West side of the asphalt runway, on the grassy area in front of the gliders hangar.

If not sure or in doubt on any of the above rules, please consult a CFI-G or if not available a fellow glider pilot.