EFFECTIVE 1 Jan 2005


--  No one shall take a tow in a glider as PIC at this location unless cleared to fly here by a SASSi  CFI-G  --

SASSi Tow & Release Procedures

A) No PIC may accept to hook-up the tow rope before CB-SIT- CB checklist has been accomplished.

B) Observance of the Standard SSA signs is mandatory.

C) If no wing runner is available, it is the Glider PIC's responsibility to attach the towrope to the tow plane first, then to the glider. Wagging the rudder will let the tow pilot know that you are ready for launch.

D) High tow position behind the tow plane is standard ( keep the tow plane wings on the horizon )- Low tow is only available when boxing the wake . (Boxing maneuvers are pre-planned with the tow pilot prior to tow).

E) Spoilers or airbrakes need to be closed and locked at all the time during take off- and tow, unless specific reasons such as:

*Slack in the rope.

*Glider filled with ballast and heavy, needing airbrakes at low speed to control the ailerons (The tow pilot should be informed of this procedure prior to take-off)

F) No release from tow plane shall occur:

* When tow plane is turning, climbing or descending.

* Before release area is cleared for traffic.(Collision avoidance-left and right)

* When releasing, level turn right and observe tow plane and end of tow rope while making this turn.  Be prepared at the moment of release to make your clearing turn to the right without delay.  Lingering behind the tow plane at this point could cause impact with the rope and tow ring and damage to the glider.  Never release low or descending except in emergency situation.  Always released from a steady state correct position.

G) Use radio sparingly.  Monitor frequency for other transmissions and be sure frequency is clear.  For Glider chatter switch to 123.5.

H) Always scan area during tow and prior to release. Traffic may be intense during weekends, and in soaring season.

If not sure or in doubt on any of the above rules, please consult a CFI-G or if not available, a fellow glider pilot.