(all flights available as gift certificates)

$39.00 for youth,
$59.00 for adults
The glider is towed to the traffic pattern altitude (1000’ above ground level) and after one or two circles lands after the tow-plane. The next passenger is loaded and the process repeated. Typically 5-6 pattern flights can be made per hour. Ideal for small groups looking for a unique group experience.

Discovery Flight

$109 for youth,
$149 for adults
The glider is aerotowed to 3,000 feet above the ground.  An introduction to soaring is presented, along with a tour of the local area and attractions.  The flight usually lasts 20-30 minutes in length, although it could be longer if the schedule permits, and the thermals are rising!

Hill Country Excursion Flight

 $179.00 Includes an introduction to the aircraft, an aerotow to 3500' above ground level, 30-40 minutes of sightseeing and an introduction to soaring.

Adventurer Flight

$239.00 An acrobatic flight.  The glider is towed to 3,500 feet above the ground to perform aerobatic maneuvers as desired.  Wing-overs, aileron rols, barrel rolls, loops, split-S, and Immelmanns are all possible if requested.  Parachutes are required wear during aerobatics.

Instructional Package


 3 tows (2 pattern and one 3000' tow).  Flight & ground
 instruction,  your own logbook signed by your flight instructor,
 hand-on-flying, can be the first step in becoming a licensed glider pilot.

Winch-launch flight $39.00  Similar to the Extended Pattern Ride, except the glider is winch launched (only available during winch operations).

 All rides includes one day's Visiting Member's dues. Membership application must be completed by all passengers.

 Call (830) 981-2345 to schedule your flight!



 GROB 103C Twin III Acro   $40.00 per hour - 37:1 two-place, radio, xpdr, electric vario 
 Cirrus 18m  $40.00 per hour - 44:1 high performance single-place, full instruments
 Instruction-basic  $45.00/hr - Simple flight, aerobatics, advanced flying, cross-country.
 Pipistrel Sinus Motorglider   $89.00/hr - 27:1 two-place, radio, xpdr, feathering prop


 Pattern tow 1,000 feet   $22.00 (minimum tow cost)
 Tow above 1,000 feet  $1.60 per 100 feet above 1,000
 Aero retrieve  $150 1st Hobbs Hour, $95 per after
 Auto retrieve  $0.75 per mile plus $12.00 per man/hr