Our Safety Officer, Ralph Shay, has provided a lot of glider-related safety material, hoping to help you stay safe while you enjoy soaring and gliding.


This past March 2nd, SASSi sponsored a SSA provided "Soaring Safety Seminar" presentation at Boerne Stage Airport.  The presentation was recorded and split into three videos to provide a copy to those members who could not attend that day.  WARNING: Each of the three videos is about a hour long.  So set aside a evening if you intend to watch all three straight through.  And have coffee at hand.  It wasn't nearly as sleep-inducing in person -- so next time, you should try to make the live event....


 Most of the rest of the material we currently have available are from other groups or websites:

The Soaring Safety Foundation

The Gatineau Gliding Club Safety Management Manual

The British Gliding Association webpage

The Colorado Soaring Association Winch Launch Manual

Tom Knauff's excellent notes on preventing Launch Accidents (pdf copied to our server for ease of viewing)

Cumulus Soaring, Inc. provides excellent books on soaring and cross-country


We'll post more safety information and links as we receive it.  Until then - fly safely!